Roundtable: Creating New and Innovative Field Placements

About the Roundtable

The TFEL project held a roundtable on Creating New and Innovative Field Placements. The facilitators will share key findings from the research. The dialogue focused on these innovative practices:

Practice 1:       Developing placements with multiple agencies

Practice 2:       Identifying new field placement sites and working with non-traditional social work agencies

Practice 3:       Expanding virtual practicums to allow for greater accessibility and reaching remote areas

Practice 4:       Exploring self-directed placements to expose students to a diverse range of learning opportunities

Practice 5:       Interprofessional field placements for social work students to collaborate and learn with other disciplines

Practice 6:       Green social work field placements that integrate environmental justice and sustainability

Practice 7:       Increase the availability of Northern and Rural field placements


Julie Drolet (TFEL Project Director, University of Calgary)
Sally St. George (TFEL Co-Investigator, University of Calgary)
Dan Wulff (TFEL Co-Investigator, University of Calgary)
Sheri M. McConnell (TFEL Co-Investigator, Memorial University)
Kathleen DeSousa(TFEL Practicum Student, University of Calgary)

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