Collaborators support the partnership through research and training initiatives.


Name Affiliation
Yunna Al-Ademi Wilfrid Laurier University
Wayne Ambrose-Miller University of Windsor
Cheryl Aro University of Victoria
Rochelle (Robbie) Babines-Wagner University of Calgary
Carrie Blaug University of Calgary
Roxanne Caron Universite de Montreal
Janice Chaplin McMaster University
Timothy Dueck Nicola Valley Institute of Technology
Jennifer Dunlop Wilfrid Laurier University
Kara Fletcher University of Regina
Amy Fulton University of Calgary
Nancy Freymond Wilfrid Laurier University
Florette Gaisson Universite de Saint-Boniface
Jenna Garlick Lakehead University
Alexie Glover University of Victoria
Cyndi Hall Dalhousie University
Sophie Hanley Universite de Moncton
Tuula Heinonen University of Manitoba
Leanne Hilsen University of Calgary
Nicole Ives McGill University
Angela Judge-Stasiak University of Calgary
Lucki Kang University of Fraser Valley
Ursula Katic Nicola Valley Institute of Technology
Regine King University of Calgary
Woo Jim Edward Lee Universite de Montreal
Lorraine Letkemann University of Calgary
Liza Lorenzetti University of Calgary
Sue-Ann MacDonald Universite de Montreal
Danielle Maltais Universite du Quebec a Chicoutimi
Julie Mann-Johnson University of Calgary
Indrani Margoiln University of Northern BC
Anne-Marie McLaughlin University of Calgary
Brenda Morris Carleton University
Pam Orzeck McGill University
Andre-Anne Parent Universite de Montreal
Tammy Pearson University of Northern BC
Jeanette Schmid Robertson Langara College
Sheila Sammon McMaster University
Patricia Samson University of Calgary
Rebecca Sanford Thompson Rivers University
Jeanette Schmid Vancouver Island University
Jacqueline Shortridge University of Manitoba
David Sullivan University of Manitoba
Dora Tam University of Calgary
Sherri Tanchak University of Calgary
Nico Trocme McGill University



Co-investigators bring social work research, field education, and training and mentorship experience to the partnership.


Partners include Canadian and foreign post-secondary institutions, professional associations, regulatory bodies, government departments, and for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, who support partnership activities.

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