Stream 1: Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling, simply put, is the practice of using digital media to tell stories. It has been shown to promote deep reflection, help make sense of experience, encourage cooperative activity, build confidence, and create a powerful product that can have a transformative effect on the maker and viewer alike.

Students and postdoctoral fellows are being trained and mentored to create digital stories to document and share their training, mentoring, and research experiences in field education.

The guiding research question is: In what ways does the storytelling process enhance student learning about research training and mentorship?

The working group leading this Stream includes:

Grant Charles (UBC), Natalie Clark (TRU), Julie Drolet (UC), Michelle Reid (NVIT), Christine Walsh (UC)

Student-Created Digital Stories

My Story of Remote Practicum A Journey to Possibilities By Karen Lok Yi Wong

Using My Bundle to Navigate the Waves of Grief by Andrea Rosenberger-Deleeuw

Oi Living as an Asian in COVID 19 Digital Story 2020 by Cindy Nguyen

Dealing with COVID-19 School Closure by Clarissa Foss

My Journey as a Social Work Student Digital Story 2020 by Emily Tetrault

Workshop: Articulating Transformation in Field Education and Research through Digital Storytelling

Digital Story Premiere by Students

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