Student Advisory Committee

Student Advisory Committees

Students have a voice in setting directions and priorities for the TFEL project. For this reason, we have created a number of Student Advisory Committees. Meetings are held quarterly via distance technology.

Call for Student Advisory Members

TFEL is pleased to extend an invitation to our members to join our Student Advisory, Anti-Racism Advisory and/or Green Social Work Advisory Committees. Student members are financially compensated for their time. Please see below for further details.

Student Advisory Members

Zipporah Greenslade, MSW Student

Emmanuel Chilanga, MSW Student

Ellen Mi, BSW Student

Imogene Roulson, MSW Student

Rose Singh, PhD Student

Tina Wilson, MSW Student, PhD Candidate

Amber Young, PhD Student

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Anti-Racism Committee Members

Alison Coutinho, Research Assistant

Julie Drolet, TFEL Project Director

Raquel Harris-Wright, Research Assistant

Siyu (Krystal) Peng, MSW Student

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Read the Anti-Racism Annotated Bibliography Below!
View the Anti-Racism Presentation Below!

Green Social Work Advisory Members

Wasif Ali, Postdoctoral Scholar (UCalgary)

Nicole Brown, BSW Student (UCalgary)

Julie Drolet, Project Director (UCalgary)

Bonnie Lewin, City of Calgary

Tina Wilson, SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow (Caledonian University)

Haorui Wu, Canada Research Chair in Resilience (Dalhousie University)

Green social work emphasizes the integration of environmental and social justice principles into the practice of social work. A group of social work scholars and practitioners came together to form the Green Social Work Advisory. The goal of this Advisory is to advance the integration of environmental concerns, climate change adaptation, and community resilience into the practice of social work and to address the complex and interconnected challenges posed by environmental issues, particularly in the context of social work. In line with this goal, advisory members are engaged in several research collaborations, including SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) Partnership Engagement Grants focusing on environmental sustainability and justice within the realm of social work practice.

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Read the Green Social Work Annotated Bibliography Below!
Watch the Green Social Work Digital Story Below!

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Coming Soon! TFEL is planning to provide virtual practicum activities to support self-directed practicum placements for BSW and MSW students.

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