Field Research Scholars

The Field Research Scholars Program consists of scholars, who have similar goals, interests and backgrounds, sharing their research with one another. This project recruited graduate and doctoral students, postdoctoral scholars, recent graduates and emerging and experienced scholars to collaborate on topics that relate to social work field education.

The participants accepted into the Field Research Scholars Program collaborated with one another on research topics related to field education.

Research projects and initiatives conducted by scholars were showcased during seminars and facilitated discussions surrounded future research directions, feedback and relation to field education.

This program is designed to foster and develop the working knowledge and skills of students in the areas of research, field education and mentorship.

Field Research Scholars

Scholar Name   Degree/Education Level   University  
Dr. Wasif Ali   Post-Doctoral    University of Calgary  
Happiness Anekwe   MSW student   McGill University   
Benedicta Asante   MSW student   University of Calgary  
Helen Asrate   PhD Student   University of Gondar (Ethiopia)  
Keleme Zenebe Ayele   PhD Student   University of Gondor (Ethiopia)  
Nicole Balbuena   MSW student   University of California  
Natalie Beck   PhD University of Tennessee  
Connie Bird   PhD Student   University of British Columbia  
Emmanuel Chilanga   PhD, MSW student   McGill University   
Rebecca Christopher   MSW   University of California  
Alise de Bie Das   Post Doctoral    McMaster University  
Emma De Vynck   MSW thesis student   University of Calgary  
Premela Deck   PhD/JD (Law)   University of North Carolina (Massachusetts)  
Ajnaw Alemie Desta   PhD Student   University of Gondar (Ethiopia)  
Dr. Jacqueline Fields   Post-Doctoral   University of Calgary  
Regina Futcher   MSW student   University of Pittsburgh  
Rory Glover   MSW student   University of Texas Pan American  
Anita R. Gooding   PhD Student   Portland University  
Cassandra Gouschuk   MSW thesis student   University of British Columbia (Okanogan)  
Zipporah Greenslade   MSW thesis student   University of Calgary  
Alison Grittner   PhD Candidate   University of Calgary  
Alexandra Holtom   MSW student   McGill University   
Katka Hrncic-Lipvic   PhD Student   University of Windsor (Ontario)  
Courtney Jones   MSW student   Western Michigan University  
Dr. Vibha Kaushik   Post-Doctoral   University of Calgary  
Kaltrina Kusari   PhD Student   University of Calgary  
Naomi Levitz-Shobola   PhD Candidate   University of Windsor (Ontario)  
Alexandra Mack   MSW student   Howard University (Washington)  
Michael Martin   MSW   Savannah State University  
Robin Metcalfe   MSW student   University of British Columbia  
Nathaniel Mosseau   MSW student   McGill University   
Emily Murphy   PhD Student   Wurzweiler School of Social Work (New York)  
Kanako Okuda   PhD    George Mason University (Fairvax, VA)  
Tiahna Pantovich   MSW student   Howard University  
Diego Suarez Rojas   MSW/PhD Student   Boston College School of Social Work  
Endalkachew Taye Shiferaw   PhD Student   University of Gondar (Ethiopia)  
Suleyman Shikur    PhD Student   University of Gondar (Ethiopia)  
Jamin Short   MSW student   University of British Columbia  
Lindsay Snoke   MSW student   University of Pittsburgh  
Tricia Snyder   PhD Student   Georgetown University  
Tiye’ Taylor   MSW student   University of Michigan  
Rajneek Thind   MSW student   University of Calgary  
Samantha Troung   MSW student   University of British Columbia  
Margaret Janse van Rensburg   PhD Student   Carleton University (Ontario)  
Rianna Warkentin   MSW student   University of British Columbia  
Neisha G. Wiley   PhD student Wright State University (Ohio)  
Karen Lok Yi Wong   MSW student   University of British Columbia 

Field Research Scholars Seminar Presentations

Presentation (Recording is Linked in Title) Presenter Date
Anti-Racist Social Work…But Are We Ready? (timestamp: 24:16) Zipporah Greenslade December 10, 2020
Multimodal Integration: Transforming Our Learning (timestamp: 16:44) Diego Suárez Rojas December 12, 2020
Autism Knowledge in Social Workers: Field Education Implications Margaret Janse van Rensburg January 5, 2021
Community-Focused Drinking Water Governance: A Case Study of the Punjab – Pakistan Wasif Ali January 7, 2021
Exploration of Research in the Field Education Landscape (timestamp: 29:37) Nathaniel Mosseau January 7, 2021
(E) Raced: Race and Use of Self Amongst BIPOC Social Workers Anita Gooding January 19, 2021
Assessing the Impact of Nutrition Education on Gender Roles & Childcare in Northern Malawi Emmanuel Chilanga January 21, 2021
LGBTQ+ Topics in Social Work Research, Practice, and Field Education (timestamp: 29:51) Regina Futcher January 21, 2021
Settlement and Integration Needs of Skilled Immigrants in Calgary: A Mixed Methods Study  Vibha Kaushik February 2, 2021
Social Work Students, Mental Health and Field Education Challenges (timestamp: 35:15) Emily Murphy February 2, 2021
Young Family Caregivers in Racialised and Immigrant Populations Happiness Anekwe February 4, 2021
Enhancing Field Education Perception in Mainland China Tiahna Pantovich February 16, 2021
Gender Effects of Migration on Migrants to Arabian Countries (timestamp: 33:30) Kelem Zenebe Ayele February 16, 2021
Culturally Responsive Child Welfare Practices – An Integrative Literature Review Alexandra Mack February 16, 2021
Exploring the Lived Experiences of Spiritual Distress Emma De Vynck March 2, 2021
Social Work Field Education Experience with Non-Social Work Field Supervisors – In a Research Practicum Context During COVID-19  Karen Lok Yi Wong March 4, 2021
Oppression in Helping Professions: The Role of Social Work Education and Field Practice Courtney Jones March 16, 2021
Bringing Sex Positivity to Social Work (timestamp: 30:18) Lindsey Snoke March 16, 2021
Environmental Justice and Social Work Jamin Short March 18, 2021
Kintsugi: Choosing the Path of Transformation in Social Field Work Kanako Okuda March 30, 2021
Attitudes Towards Domestic Violence: Implications for Social Work Field Education (timestamp: 28:33) Benedicta Asante March 30, 2021
Ethics Premela Deck April 1, 2021
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