Field Research Scholars

About Field Research Scholars

The Field Research Scholars Program is comprised of scholars with similar goals, interests and backgrounds, who share their research with one another. This project recruits graduate and doctoral students, postdoctoral scholars, recent graduates and early career faculty members to collaborate on topics that relate to social work field education.

The participants accepted into the Field Research Scholars Program collaborated with one another on research topics related to field education. Research projects and initiatives conducted by scholars were showcased during seminars and facilitated discussions surrounded future research directions, feedback and relation to field education.

This program is designed to foster and develop the working knowledge and skills of students in the areas of research, field education and mentorship.

Program Overview

The following resource serves to further highlight the mission, goals, and background of the Field Research Scholars Program in a visual format.

Field Research Scholar Coordinators

Saleema Salim, PhD (2022-23)

Kathleen De Sousa, MSW student (2022-23)

Nsombe Mvuezolo, MSW student (2022-23)

Evalyna Bogdan, PhD (2021-22)

Emmanuel Chilanga, PhD (2021-22)

Vibha Kaushik, PhD (2021-22)

Yassannah Nurudeen, PhD student (2021-22)

Field Research Scholars

Scholar Name Degree/Education Level University
Muhammad Arshad Abbasi PhD University of the Punjab
Tanveir Ahmad PhD University of the Punjab
Lake Mihret Alemu MSW Bahir Dar University
Adugna Getachew Alene PhD Candidate University of Gondar, Ethiopia
Wasif Ali PhD University of Calgary
Happiness Anekwe MSW student McGill University
Benedicta Asante MSW student University of Calgary
Muhammad Amir Aslam PhD Candidate University of the Punjab
Helen Asrate PhD Student University of Gondar (Ethiopia)
Bekele Molla Ayele MSW University of Gondar
Keleme Zenebe Ayele PhD Student University of Gondar (Ethiopia)
Fariha Tahir Baig Master of Philosophy University of the Punjab
Hira Tariq Baig Masters Student University of the Punjab
Nicole Balbuena MSW student University of California
Natalie Beck PhD University of Tennessee
Suleyman Shikur Beshir PhD candidate Addis Ababa University
Connie Bird PhD Student University of British Columbia
Eva Angelyna Bogdan Post Doctoral Fellow University of Calgary
Emmanuel Chilanga PhD University of Calgary
Rebecca Christopher MSW University of South Carolina
Alyssa Clayden PhD Student University of Iowa
Alise de Bie Das Post Doctoral McMaster University
Emma De Vynck MSW thesis student University of Calgary
Premela Deck PhD/JD (Law) University of North Carolina (Massachusetts)
Dawit Eshetu Demissie PhD student Addis Ababa University
Ajnaw Alemie Desta PhD Student University of Gondar
Prince Chiagozie Ekoh PhD Student University of Calgary
Jacqueline Fields Post-Doctoral University of Calgary
Regina Futcher MSW student University of Pittsburgh
Shambel Desale Gashaw MSW University of Gondar
Rory Glover MSW student University of Texas Pan American
Anita R. Gooding PhD Student Portland University
Ermias Kebede Goshe PhD Candidate University of Gondar
Cassandra Gouschuk MSW thesis student University of British Columbia (Okanogan)
Zipporah Greenslade MSW student University of Calgary
Meredith Greig MSW student Dalhousie University
Alison Grittner PhD Candidate University of Calgary
John Gyourko PhD Student University of Pennsylvania
Kidist Hailegebriel Hailu MSW University of Gondar
Jibril Dawude Hassen PhD Candidate University of Gondar
Seid Hassen MSW University of Gondar
Alexandra Holtom MSW student McGill University
Jill Hoselton MSW student University of Calgary
Katka Hrncic-Lipvic PhD Student University of Windsor (Ontario)
Light Chizara Ikonne PhD Babcock University
Rahul Jain PhD University of Northern British Columbia
Courtney Jones MSW student Western Michigan University
 Katie Karas MSW student University of Washington
Vibha Kaushik Post Doctoral Fellow University of Calgary
Ermias Kebede PhD Candidate University of Gondar
Maryam Khalid MSW University of the Punjab
Stefani Kolochuk PhD Student University of Northern British Columbia
Kaltrina Kusari PhD Student University of Calgary
Naomi Levitz-Shobola PhD Candidate University of Windsor (Ontario)
Alexandra Mack MSW student Howard University (Washington)
Marcia McKay Faculty, MSW University of Calgary
Esra Magsoud MSW student University of Toronto
Godfrey Makoha PhD Candidate McGill University
Michael Martin MSW Savannah State University
Robin Metcalfe MSW student University of British Columbia
Abigail Adubea Mills PhD/Faculty University of Ghana
Retselisitsoe Monne Postdoctoral Fellow Stellenbosh University
Minjoo Morlan PhD student Indiana University
Nathaniel Mosseau MSW student McGill University
Emily Murphy PhD Candidate Mercy College
Missa Mvuezolo MSW University of Calgary
Mohammed Nurudeen Musah PhD Candidate University of Calgary
Syeda Manahil Naqvi MSW student University of the Punjab
Bala Raju Nikku Faculty Thompson Rivers University
Kanako Okuda PhD George Mason University (Fairvax, VA)
Frank Pangani MSW student University of Malawi
Tiahna Pantovich MSW student Howard University
Amy Judy Parsons PhD Candidate Memorial University
Ali Raza Masters Student University of Punjab
Adnan Riaz PhD Candidate University of Punjab
Kristen Mitchell Samuels Faculty and PhD Candidate University of Phoenix
Saleema Salim Postdoctoral Associate University of Calgary
Diego Suarez Rojas MSW/PhD Student Boston College School of Social Work
Endalkachew Taye Shiferaw PhD candidate University of Gondar
Suleyman Shikur  PhD Student University of Gondar
Jean M. Sienkewicz  MSW University of Vermont
Temesgen Sisay  MSW University of Gondar
Jamin Short MSW student University of British Columbia
Lindsay Snoke MSW student University of Pittsburgh
Tricia Snyder PhD Student Georgetown University
Getachew Gebeyaw Tadese MSW University of Gondar
Tiye’ Taylor MSW student University of Michigan
Rajneek Thind MSW student University of Calgary
Samantha Troung MSW student University of British Columbia
Margaret Janse van Rensburg PhD Student Carleton University
Yue (Luna) Wang Postdoctoral assistant professor Capital Normal University, China
Rianna Warkentin MSW student University of British Columbia
Asmamaw Ashete Wendie MSW University of Gondar
Neisha G. Wiley PhD student Wright State University (Ohio)
Agnes Gogo Wizi-Kambala MSW Catholic University of Malawi
Karen Lok Yi Wong MSW student University of British Columbia
Kidus Yenealem  MSW student Addis Ababa University
Oguzhan Zengin Faculty Karabuk University

Field Research Scholars Seminar Presentations

Presentation (Recording is Linked in Title) Presenter Date
Anti-Racist Social Work…But Are We Ready? (timestamp: 24:16) Zipporah Greenslade December 10, 2020
Multimodal Integration: Transforming Our Learning (timestamp: 16:44) Diego Suárez Rojas December 12, 2020
Autism Knowledge in Social Workers: Field Education Implications (timestamp: 00:00) Margaret Janse van Rensburg January 5, 2021
Community-Focused Drinking Water Governance: A Case Study of the Punjab – Pakistan (timestamp: 00:23) Wasif Ali January 7, 2021
Exploration of Research in the Field Education Landscape (timestamp: 29:37) Nathaniel Mosseau January 7, 2021
(E) Raced: Race and Use of Self Amongst BIPOC Social Workers (timestamp: 0:00) Anita Gooding January 19, 2021
Assessing the Impact of Nutrition Education on Gender Roles & Childcare in Northern Malawi (timestamp: 03:00) Emmanuel Chilanga January 21, 2021
LGBTQ+ Topics in Social Work Research, Practice, and Field Education (timestamp: 29:51) Regina Futcher January 21, 2021
Settlement and Integration Needs of Skilled Immigrants in Calgary: A Mixed Methods Study (timestamp: 00:00)  Vibha Kaushik February 2, 2021
Social Work Students, Mental Health and Field Education Challenges (timestamp: 35:15) Emily Murphy February 2, 2021
Young Family Caregivers in Racialised and Immigrant Populations (timestamp: 02:15) Happiness Anekwe February 4, 2021
Enhancing Field Education Perception in Mainland China (timestamp: 00:01) Tiahna Pantovich February 16, 2021
Gender Effects of Migration on Migrants to Arabian Countries (timestamp: 33:30) Kelem Zenebe Ayele February 16, 2021
Culturally Responsive Child Welfare Practices – An Integrative Literature Review (timestamp: 01:00) Alexandra Mack February 16, 2021
Exploring the Lived Experiences of Spiritual Distress (timestamp: 00:27) Emma De Vynck March 2, 2021
Social Work Field Education Experience with Non-Social Work Field Supervisors – In a Research Practicum Context During COVID-19 (timestamp: 00:46)  Karen Lok Yi Wong March 4, 2021
Oppression in Helping Professions: The Role of Social Work Education and Field Practice (timestamp: 00:10) Courtney Jones March 16, 2021
Bringing Sex Positivity to Social Work (timestamp: 30:18) Lindsey Snoke March 16, 2021
Environmental Justice and Social Work (timestamp: 00:02) Jamin Short March 18, 2021
Kintsugi: Choosing the Path of Transformation in Social Field Work (timestamp: 00:35) Kanako Okuda March 30, 2021
Attitudes Towards Domestic Violence: Implications for Social Work Field Education (timestamp: 28:33) Benedicta Asante March 30, 2021
Ethics (timestamp: 0:00) Premela Deck April 1, 2021
The Mental Health Act(timestamp: 1:15) Rianna Warkentin April 13, 2021
Exploring the Perspectives of Punjabi Women Who Have Accessed Mental Health Supports in Alberta – Decolonizing Mental Health (timestamp: 33:16) Ranjeek Thind April 13, 2021
Sensory Arts-Based Storytelling as Critical Reflection (timestamp: 0:00) Allison Grittner April 15, 2021
Factors Contributing to Secondary School Dropout of Rural Girls: The Case of the Amhara Region Oromiya Special Zone (timestamp: 3:07) Helen Asrate April 27, 2021
An Exploration of the Lived Experiences of Social Work Students with Adverse Childhood Experiences and the Field Education Practicum (timestamp: 5:54) Password: HSS^7PP3 Emily Murphy April 29, 2021
The Resilience of Urban Refugees in Ethiopia: The Case of Eritrean and Somali Refugees in Addis Ababa City (timestamp: 34:10) Password: HSS^7PP3 Endalkachew Taye April 29, 2021
Compassion Fatigue Volunteering Vulnerability Among Volunteer Caregivers (timestamp: 22:16) Password: $=R0EG*# Addis Ababa May 11, 2021
Using E-Portfolios within Social Word Education (timestamp: 50:59) Password: $=R0EG*# Tricia Snyder May 11, 2021
Building and Maintaining a Strong Field Education Community: A Conceptual Exploration (timestamp: 8:47) Rebecca Christopher May 18, 2021
Addressing Class in Field: Economic Justice and Unpaid Social Work Practicums (timestamp: 5:38) Password: JG5D7&Sb Dr. Natalie Beck May 20, 2021
Undocumented Victims of Intimate Partner Violence Violence: Access to Domestic Violence Resources (timestamp: 36:09) Password: JG5D7&Sb Nicole Balbuona May 20, 2021
“Is this Really Social Work?” Facilitating Practicums in a Digital World(timestamp: 00:00) Dr. Wayne Ambrose-Miller Naomi Levitz Shobola Milena Sanson May 25, 2021
Understanding the Impact of School Refusal/Truancy on Placement Breakdown of Foster Care (timestamp: 7:17) Password: J0wK%!4d Connie Bird May 27, 2021
Status, Challenges and Strategies of BSW Field Education at the Department of Social Work, University of Gondor (timestamp: 34:35) Password: J0wK%!4d Ajanaw Alemie May 27, 2021
Field Research Scholars Welcome Seminar Dr. Julie Drolet December 2, 2021
Incorporating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into Social Work Field Education (timestamp: 00:00) Dr. Wasif Ali December 16, 2021
“Planting the seed”: Inspiring and Acculturating Social Work Students to Become Field Educators (timestamp: 26:04) Esra Magsoud December 16, 2021
Literature Review: Pillars of Green Social Work (timestamp: 00:00) Meredith Greig January 13, 2022
Experiences with Distance Supervision of Social Work Field Placements During COVID-19: Challenges and Recommendations (timestamp: 20:45) Dr. Rahul Jain, Dr. Heather Peters, and Dr. Indrani Margolin January 13, 2022
Understanding Intimate Partner Violence as a Social Determinant of Child Morbidity in Rural Malawi (timestamp: 00:30) Emmanuel Chilanga January 27, 2022
(Re)Imagining Inclusion of Marginalized Voices in Social Work Education and Practice: Highlighting Children in Street Situations (timestamp: 25:25) Yassannah Nurudeeh January 27, 2022
The Practice and Roles of CBR for Inclusive Education and Community-Social Life of Youth with Disabilities (timestamp: 00:00) Getachew Gebeyaw February 24, 2022
Psycho Social Wellbeing of Correction Inmates (children and their incarcerated moms) and Implication for Social Work Field Education in Ethiopia (timestamp: 27:35) Shambel Desale February 24, 2022
Social Work Fieldwork Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Perspectives From Social Work Educators In Uganda (timestamp: 00:00) Godfrey Makoha March 10, 2022
Challenges to Social Work Field Education: Evidences from Pakistan (timestamp: 33:44) Muhammad Arshad March 10, 2022
Understanding the Field Education Landscape: Exploring the Perspectives of Social Work Field Education Coordinators and Field Instructors in Atlantic Canada (timestamp: 00:00) Amy Parsons March 24, 2022
Social Work Field Practicum: A Reflection of Students’ Placement Experiences and Perspectives in Malawi (timestamp: 34:00) Agnes Kambala March 24, 2022
The Experiences of Non-Professional Social Work Field Instructors in the Field Education Implementation in Ethiopia: In the Case of University of Gondar (UoG), Ethiopia (timestamp: 00:00) Bekele Molla April 7, 2022
Confronting White Femininity in Community-Based Social Work Practice: Strategies for Engaging in Social Justice Praxis in Field Education (timestamp: 00:00) Jill Hoselton April 22, 2022
A Reflection on the Social Work Student as a Wounded Healer (timestamp: 18:48) Emily Murphy April 22, 2022
Field Education in the Immigrant-Serving Sector (timestamp: 00:38) Dr. Vibha Kaushik May 05, 2022
Trauma-and-resilience-informed Practice for Self Care and Peer Support Among Social Work Students: The Community Resiliency Model (CRM) (timestamp: 00:22) Evalyna Bogdan May 19, 2022
Challenges of PWDs Disability Policies in Pakistan: A Way Forward (timestamp: 20:09) Syeda Manahil Naqvi May 19, 2022
Do You See Me? A Black Student’s Struggle For an Identity in Academia (timestamp: 00:40) Zipporah Greenslade June 02, 2022
Students with Disabilities’ Experience of  Social Work Field Education (timestamp: 04:21-24:58) Dr. Abigail Adubea Mills October 18, 2022
Social Work Field Education in Beijing:​ Service-Learning Approach​ (timestamp: 35:27-58:52) Dr. Yue (Luna) Wang October 18, 2022
Experiences of Muslim Female Students in Social Work Field Education Programs in Western Canada​ (timestamp: 04:20) Dr. Saleema Salim November 1st, 2022
Employment Opportunities and Challenges of People with Disabilities in South West Ethiopia​ (timestamp: 30:19) Asmamaw Ashete November 1st, 2022
Integrating Disaster Social Work Research into Field Education​ (timestamp: 04:03) Dr. Bala Nikku November 15, 2022
The Impact of Substance Addiction on the Behavior of Youth in Pakistan​ (timestamp: 37:37) Fariha Tahir Baig November 15, 2022
Exploring the Role of Field Education in Challenging Child Poverty in Ethiopia: Preliminary Finding from Three Schools of Social Work​ (timestamp: 03:49) Ermias Kebede November 29, 2022
Using Field Education as a Tool in Decolonizing Social Work Education in Ethiopia​ (timestamp: 32:31) Ajanaw Alemie Desta November 29, 2022
Exploring the Role of External Instructor in Social Work Field Education (timestamp: 00:00) Missa Mvuezolo December 6, 2022
A phenomenological Study:The lived experiences of high-achieving Ethiopian women in academia and politics (timestamp: 04:03) Helen Asrate January 10, 2023
Landscape of Social Work Field Education in Pakistan – Evidences from Secondary Sources (timestamp: 37:19) Hira Tariq January 10, 2023
Lived experiences of Female Prisoners: A Phenomenological Study at Dire Dawa Prison Homes (timestamp: 2:36) Kelemua Zenebe January 24, 2023
Field Placement Software – Important considerations when selecting a system to meet your institutional needs (timestamp: 29:43) Kristen Mitchell Samuels January 24, 2023
Making it to the frontlines: are university students offering land acknowledgments in the classroom? A closer look at engagement with decolonization practices in a university setting. (timestamp: 4:25) Marcia McKay February 14, 2023
Psychological, social and nutritional support among patients receiving treatment for tuberculosis at a Tertiary Hospital in Nigeria. (timestamp: 27:15) Dr. Ikonne L. C. & Dr. Ikonne T.O February 14, 2023
Decolonizing social work field education in Africa: Approaches, challenges & prospects. (timestamp: 4:31) Godfrey Makoha & Venesio Bwambale Bhangyi February 28, 2023
Exploring the experiences of squatter households with climate change adaptation in Jamaica. (timestamp: 35:15) Nicola Williams February 28, 2023
Secondary traumatic stress experiences of social work students during field education. (timestamp: 3:40) Oguzhan Zengin March 14, 2023
Socio-Economic impact of COVID-19 on small business in Lahore. (timestamp: 30:52) Ali Raza March 14, 2023
The cost of living became expensive, pushing factors of rural-urban migrant elders’ homelessness: Implications for field education. (timestamp: 5:26) Getachew Gebeyaw March 28, 2023
Nature and challenges of child-friendly justice system in the case of child victims in Gondar Woreda courts, Ethiopia. (timestamp: 28:40) Shambel Desale Gasha March 28, 2023
Exploring social workers spiritual meaning of their reconstruction processes after the unanticipated death of a client(s); Community Based Mental Health Services Utilization Among war Survivor Communities of Ethiopia (timestamp: 32:59) Stefani Kolochuk and Suleyman Skikur Beshir April 11, 2023
Development of Medical Social Work Practices in Pakistan: Role, Perception and Performance. (timestamp: 40:17) Tanveir Ahmad April 25, 2023
Social Work Field Education in Lesotho: Experiences of Student Social Workers. (timestamp: 5:01) Dr. Retselisitsoe Monne May 9, 2023
The Lived Experience and Coping Strategies of Long-Term Unemployed Youth in Gondar City, Ethiopia: Implications for Social Work Field Education. (timestamp: 38:57) Adugna Getachew May 9, 2023
We shouldn’t have to struggle this hard to help others’: Student perspectives on the costs, challenges, and ethics of social work education. (timestamp: 3:49) John Gyourko May 23, 2023
The role of Abegar system as restorative justice system to maintain sustain peace and social solidarity to the community of South Wollo, Ethiopia. (timestamp: 30:59) Seid Hassen May 23, 2023
Student practicum, refugee mental health and white supremacy culture. (timestamp: 4:25) Alyssa Clayden May 30, 2023
 Exploring Challenges Faced by Social Workers in Case Management Practices within Residential Child Care Institutions of Punjab-Pakistan. (timestamp: 33:30) Muhammad Arshad May 30, 2023
TFEL Field Research Scholars Program Orientation. (timestamp: 00:00) TFEL Project Jan 23, 2024
Reviewing the literature: Disruption in field education. (timestamp: 04:30) Jean Sienkewicz Jan 30, 2024
Experience of caregivers for older adults in rural northwest Ethiopia: Challenges and available social support for family caregivers in co-residential living arrangements. (timestamp: 29:16) Kidus Yenealem Mefteh Jan 30, 2024
Faith Based Practicum Placements. (timestamp: 4:41) Katie Karas Feb 6, 2024
Violent Conflict Induced Displacement and its Reintegration Challenge Among Internally Displaced Persons in Amhara region, Ethiopia: Its Implication for field education​. (timestamp: 34:25) Seid Hassen Hussien Feb 6, 2024
Practice in War and Conflict Affected Areas: The Vital Role of Social Workers in Northern Ethiopia​​. (timestamp: 35:32) Gashanew Worku Feb 20, 2024
The Challenges of War Survivor Women During the Armed Conflict of Ethiopia and Implication for Field Education Practice​. (timestamp: 3:16) Shambel Desale Gashaw Feb 20, 2024
Trauma and Resilience of Urban Refugees in Ethiopia: The Experiences of Eritrean refugees in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia​. (timestamp: 3:38) Endalkachew Taye March 19, 2024
Exploring the Psychosocial and Spiritual Experiences of Family Caregivers for Relatives Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Implication for Field Education Practice. (timestamp: 29:20) Kidist Hailegbriel March 19, 2024
Barriers and Enablers to use community based mental health services among the war survivor communities in Ethiopia. (timestamp:4:02) Suleyman Skikur Beshir April 2, 2024
Unveiling the fabric of community: Exploring the roles and challenges of neighborhood social capital in Logiya Town. (timestamp: 31:43) Lake Mihret April 2, 2024
Harnessing Indigenous ways of knowing and doing to transform social work education and practice in Africa. (timestamp: 3:42) Godfrey Makoha April 30, 2024
Embracing Child Poverty-aware Pedagogy: A review on social work education at the University of Gondor. (timestamp: 31:25) Ermias Kebede Goshe April 30, 2024
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