Stream 2 National Study

National Study

TFEL is leading a national study to inform the development of sustainable field education models starting in 2020. The study includes a survey on the state of field education in Canada, interviews on promising and wise practices in field education, and dialogue circles with students.

Student research assistants and postdoctoral scholars will be involved in all research activities in Stream 2.

Topics of interest include: (1) Field instructor recruitment and retention; (2) Indigenous and anti-colonial field education; (3) Interprofessional practice; (4) International field education; (5) Service user placements; (6) Research-based practica; (7) Field supervision models; (8) Use of technology/simulation; and others.

The working group leading this Stream includes:

Uzo Anucha (York), Marion Bogo (UT), Grant Charles (UBC), Natalie Clark (TRU), Julie Drolet (UC), Sheri McConnell (MU), Eileen McKee (UT), David Nicholas (UC), Michelle Reid (NVIT), Tamara Sussman (McGill), Christine Walsh (UC)

Findings from Stream 2 – Coming Soon!

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