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About Near-Peer Mentorship

The Near Peer Mentorship Program is a program offered in the University of Calgary’s Social Work Program to BSW students, MSW foundation students and MSW specialization students in Edmonton. Near-peer mentorship consisted of student peers, who have similar goals, interests and backgrounds, providing mentorship to one another. The mentor provided first-hand experience, advice and insight to mentees about different processes.


We thank the participants for their time in the Near Peer Mentorship program; if you would like more information on this initiative, please feel free to reach us at


The TFEL Project is inviting applications for social work students who are interested in becoming a part of the Near Peer Mentorship program. The Near Peer Support & Mentorship program will provide students with an opportunity to be part of the social work student community and enjoy the opportunity to mentor or be mentored by a student peer. Volunteers can get involved by signing up to become a mentor or a mentee. This program will provide students with additional support (as a Mentee) or the opportunity to lead in a peer support role (as a Mentor), particularly as they navigate and prepare for field education practicum and ultimately, their social work education.

This study has been approved by the University of Calgary Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board (REB19-0901).

If you are interested in participating in this program, we invite you to complete an application survey for matching purposes via the link below.

Mentor Application:

Mentee Application:


Below is the PowerPoint slide deck and orientation video used for the orientation program for participants in the Near-Peer Mentorship Pilot program at the University of Calgary, Central and Northern Alberta Region. In these resources, you will find an overview of the program, its model, objectives, guiding principles, development strategy and plans for the pilot year of the program.

Near-Peer Coordinators


Diana Adamo, MSW

Mohammad Idris (Omid) Alemi, MSW

Dr. Jacqueline Fields, BSW, RSW, MBA, PhD

Elladee Windsor, MSW

Near-Peer Participants

Aleksandra Prica Christie Oswald Jessica Ossais Rebecca Namara
Amber Young Cindy Vera Galvan Jill Hoselton Rezebeth Noceja
Angela Samonte Elizabeth Onofrychuk Joan Bosire Samantha Huang
Aster Terefe Emma DeVynck John Issac MacPhee Sara Wood
Bonni McCallson Eric Wanjiru Karen Pinkoski Shaylah Hossain
Brenda McClelland Fatima (Zahra) Samad Komal Sandhu Serena Mackey
Bridget Tangham Felicity Bohnet Mehwish Shahid Sheila Jessop
Brittany Hayduk Hafisat Folorunso Nabeel Premji Shana Hickmore
Cesilia Bentley Holly Reeve Olayinka Dipeolu Silvia (Jeny) Beltran Faryna
Chantelle Oevering Jaclyn Kozak Poonam Sharma Tek Khatri
Chelsea Hack Jake Davies Rachel Hansford Yvonne Ho
Chizobam Iwe Jane Ogbadu-Gbajabiamila Rebecca (Jeeho) Lee Zipporah Greenslade


These webinars reflect the research and findings of the Near-Peer Mentorship program. PowerPoint slides in PDF format are available for perusal alongside recordings of the webinars.

A Meeting of the Minds: Mentorship & Leadership – March 23, 2021

PowerPoint Slides (PDF)

Zoom Recording

Field Instructorship and Supervision: A Panel Discussion – Feb 25, 2021

PowerPoint Slides (PDF)

Zoom Recording

Near Peer Mentorship Program + Field Image Showcase – December 18, 2020

PowerPoint Slides (PDF)

Zoom Recording


Free Online Trainings and Certificates (PDF)

This document contains free online resources to access training and certifications, as offered through a variety of institutions, including the Government of Canada, the University of Alberta, Alberta Health Services, the Alberta Federation of Registered Health Professionals, and the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative. This is a living document and will be updated to reflect changes and additions to these resources.

Program Objectives

This image reflects the program objectives of the Near-Peer Mentorship Program. The four pillars of the program are to foster relationships between mentors and mentees, provide support for mentees, enhance the mentees’ knowledge of social work, and nurture leadership skill development in mentors.


Near Pear Mentorship Model

This diagram illustrates the Near-Peer Mentorship program model. The program is implemented so that students are mentored by peers “near to them in their academic program and experiences. For example, a third-year Bachelor of Social Work student is mentored by a fourth-year Bachelor of Social Work student, who in turn is mentored by a Master of Social Work foundations student. Students have the opportunity to be both mentors and mentees simultaneouslythus creating a community of multiple levels of support and guidance as portrayed by the nested circles in the above diagram.
The Near-Peer Mentorship model encourages reciprocal learning within the student mentor-mentee relationships.  

These five boxes represent the guiding principles of the Near-Peer Mentorship Program:

Support Over Guidance



InterRelational Reflexivity

Continuous Learning

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