TFEL Roundtable Series

TFEL Roundtable Series

TFEL is organizing a series of virtual and in-person Roundtable Discussions to share the results of our research findings with our members. TFEL invites our co-investigators, students, social work practitioners, field educators, and those with lived experiences to participate in our Roundtable Discussions to learn about promising, wise, and innovative practices in field education. Participants will be invited to share their perspectives, engage in thoughtful discussion, and consider how these promising practices can transform field education.


Facilitating Multiple Partnerships and Collaborations

The TFEL project invites you to join in a roundtable on Facilitating Multiple Partnerships and Collaborations. The facilitators will share key findings from the research. The dialogue will focus on these promising practices:

Practice 1: Promoting community engagement to reciprocally meet community and field education needs.

Practice 2: Developing a community of practice for diverse groups and organizations by going beyond individual or institutional agreements.

Practice 3: Different institutions working together to avoid competition for practicum opportunities and developing community partnerships through university and field offices.

Date: November 24, 2022

Time: 10 am-12 noon MT

Facilitators: Sheri McConnell (TFEL Co-Investigator, Memorial University), Grant Charles (TFEL Co-Investigator, University of British Columbia), Kathleen DeSousa (TFEL Practicum Student, University of Calgary), Nchedo Udobata (TFEL Practicum Student, University of Calgary), Jarrod Ross (TFEL Practicum Student, University of Toronto).




The TFEL project held a roundtable on Creating New and Innovative Field Placements. The facilitators will share key findings from the research. The dialogue focused on these innovative practices:

Practice 1:       Developing placements with multiple agencies

Practice 2:       Identifying new field placement sites and working with non-traditional social work agencies

Practice 3:       Expanding virtual practicums to allow for greater accessibility and reaching remote areas

Practice 4:       Exploring self-directed placements to expose students to a diverse range of learning opportunities

Practice 5:       Interprofessional field placements for social work students to  collaborate and learn with other disciplines

Practice 6:       Green social work field placements that integrate environmental justice and sustainability

Practice 7:       Increase the availability of Northern and Rural field placements

Date: October 27, 2022

Time: 10am-12 noon MT

Facilitators:  Julie Drolet (TFEL Project Director, University of Calgary), Sally St. George (TFEL Co-Investigator, University of Calgary), Dan Wulff (TFEL Co-Investigator, University of Calgary), Sheri M. McConnell (TFEL Co-Investigator, Memorial University), Kathleen DeSousa(TFEL Practicum Student, University of Calgary).



Incorporating Indigenous and Wise Practices

The TFEL project held a virtual roundtable on Incorporating Indigenous and Wise Practices in field education. The facilitators shared key findings from the research. The dialogue focused on these wise practices:

Practice 1:  Incorporating Indigenous cultural practices and involving Elders in social work field education.

Practice 2:  Creating new ways of approaching learning agreements.

Practice 3:  Being creative, flexible, and open minded about definitions of key terms, such as clinical practice, that are more appropriate to apply in all contexts

Practice 4:  Focusing on initiatives towards decolonizing and Indigenizing social work field practica.

Date: September 29, 2022

Time: 10am-12 noon MT

Facilitators: Natalie Clark (TFEL Co-Investigator, Thompson Rivers University), Julie Mann-Johnson (TFEL Collaborator, University of Calgary), Missa Mvuezolo (TFEL practicum student, University of Calgary), Saleema Salim (TFEL Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Calgary), Elizabeth Tettman (TFEL student research assistant, University of Toronto), Nchedo Udobata (TFEL practicum student, University of Calgary).

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