Stream 3 Applied Practice Research

Applied Practice Research

To facilitate the integration of research and practice in field education, students and postdoctoral scholars are being trained and mentored in applied practice research. This stream has created an International Practicum Survey and training modules, to better prepare students for international practicum. This stream will examine research-based practica and frameworks such as Research As Daily Practice, an approach to research in which practitioners are recognized and valued as researchers because they use inquiry processes to make quality decisions in their daily practice.

The working group leading this Stream includes:

Uzo Anucha (York), Julie Drolet (UC), Jill Hanley (McGill), Sheri McConnell (MU), Eileen McKee (UT), Sally St. George (UC), Daniel Wulff (UC)

Findings from Stream 3

Research as Daily Practice Literature Review

Authored by Lauren Birks, Dan Wulff and Sally St. George, this literature review of projects and efforts aimed at lessening or bridging the gap between professional practice and professional research was created to show where, in this world of knowledge, the authors’ idea of Research As Daily Practice fits in.

Literature Review (PDF)

Service Users Annotated Bibliography

A compilation of knowledge surrounding service user roles in social work education. The results show a lack of published articles on the role of service users in field education, a gap that TFEL hopes to fill by exploring how to involve service users in transforming social work field education.

Annotated Bibliography (PDF)

Webinars & Workshops

The State of Field Education and Emerging Best Practices: A Scoping Review

Presenters Professor Marion Bogo & Dr. Karen Sewell provided a scoping review of the contemporary evidence-basis of field education. Synthesizing the empirical literature (n = 99) provided them with an understanding of emerging trends and best practices that can guide field instructors and support schools of social work in strengthening field education. 

Zoom Recording

PowerPoint (PDF)


Research as Daily Practice

In this workshop, presenters described their ideas of “Research As Daily Practice”, defined as “systematically and reflectively examining our curiosities and ideas from our work in order to better understand what we do and what we could do.” The main tenet of this idea is that practitioners are, in fact, researchers by virtue of the way they practice. Presenters provided illustrations and opportunities to utilize this idea in a variety of front-line practice settings.

PowerPoint Slides (PDF)
Zoom Recording


Near Peer Mentorship Pilot Program + Field Image Showcase

This webinar presented the structure and lessons of the Near Peer Mentorship Program, which aimed to foster the growth and talent of social work students in a new mentorship program. This webinar will also feature the Field Image Showcase, which was an opportunity for social work students to showcase a unique experience in practicum, course work or research activities. 

PowerPoint Slides (PDF)

Zoom Recording


Practice Research Module in Field Education

This webinar highlighted practice research in social work field education. The topics of discussion included definitions of practice research, the integration of practice research in field education, and the understandings of practice research in diverse contexts.

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The Role of Service Users in Social Work Education

This webinar was a presentation on the findings of a literature review, conducted on the role of service users in social work education. A discussion was facilitated on how service users have the potential to transform field education, prepare students for practice and expand learning in social work.

PowerPoint Slides (PDF)
Unity PowerPoint Slides (PDF)
Zoom Recording 


State of Social Work Field Education in Canada

This webinar was a presentation of the results of the survey on the State of Social Work Field Education in Canada. 

PowerPoint Slides (PDF)
Zoom Recording


Models for Integrating Research and Practice in Social Work Education

This workshop explored the models for research-based field practica and research projects/internships in undergraduate and graduate social work education. Presenters gave an overview of models for the integration of social work education research and practice, and provided examples of how to support research-based field practica and other internships/projects in a variety of practice settings. Past students, who have completed research-based practice learning, shared their experiential critical reflections.

PowerPoint Slides (PDF)
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