The TFEL project held a roundtable on Macro-Level Placements

About the Roundtable

The TFEL project held a roundtable on Macro-Level Placements. The facilitators shared key findings from the research. The dialogue focused on these promising practices:

Practice 1: Creating opportunities for “sector-based” practicum placement (e.g., around issues of housing/homelessness) vs. traditional one-on-one agency placement (may involve working in the shelter system, as an example, for front-line practice experience).

Practice 2: Creating additional macro-level placement options centered on research and policy that introduce students to a different level of social work intervention.

Practice 3: Having students involved in social justice projects or community-level events.


Dr. Julie Drolet (TFEL Project Director, University of Calgary)

Dr. Julie Mann-Johnson (TFEL Co-Investigator, University of Calgary)

Dr. Jill Hanley (TFEL Co-Investigator, McGill University)

Jarrod Ross (TFEL Practicum Student, University of Toronto)

Elizabeth Tettman (TFEL Student Research Assistant, University of Toronto)

Missa Mvuezolo (TFEL Practicum Student, University of Calgary)

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