The TFEL project held a roundtable on USING TECHNOLOGY IN FIELD EDUCATION

About the Roundtable

The TFEL project held its last roundtable on Using Technology in Field Eduation. The dialogue focused on these practices:

Practice 1: Online platforms for meeting and information sharing such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams

Practice 2: Developing digitalized trainings that are accessible across Canada

Practice 3: Technological innovations in field education

In the roundtable discussion, we invite member reflections to allow for sharing and dialogue about the study findings, and providing opportunities for questions, critique, feedback, affirmation, and collaboration.

Date: May 25,  2023

Time: 10 am-12 pm MDT


Dr. Sheri McConnell (TFEL Co-Investigator, Memorial University)

Dr. Christine Walsh (TFEL Co-Investigator, University of Calgary)

Elizabeth Tettman (TFEL Student Research Assistant, University of Toronto),

Suraj Khatiwada (TFEL Practicum Student, University of Calgary)


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