Field Image Showcase Submission Guidelines

Field Image Showcase

Submission Guidelines Fall 2020

Do you have an image that captures the essence and unique experience in your practicum placement, coursework or research activities? Students are invited to participate in the Field Image Showcase in order to share more about your work in a virtual showcase. All social work students are invited to participate in the Field Image. Submissions can be related, but are not limited to, your learning in practicum, the current state of field education, virtual learning during COVID-19, working with specific populations, promising field education models and practices, reports of research on field education, and personal reflections from field students or educators on their direct practice experience in field education.

Deadline for entry submissions has been extended to November 23, 2020. All images that meet the criteria will be eligible to be showcased at the Virtual Field Image Showcase on December 1st, 2020.

Submission Rules and Guidelines

The showcase is open to all Social Work students. To be considered for the showcase, all submissions must be:

  • An original, unpublished image (please note: images such as computer-generated images are accepted. Images of art such as paintings may be submitted but must be arranged with purpose)
  • Taken by the student submitting the image
  • Submitted on a student designed PowerPoint slide
  • A written narrative that describes your image and how it relates to your practicum experience, coursework and/or research (maximum 1200 words)
  • A brief synopsis of the narrative to be included on the PowerPoint slide (maximum 200 words)
  • Students can submit a maximum of one image per semester
  • All submissions must be emailed to: and include the following components:
    • Attachment of original image on PowerPoint slide
    • Completed narrative
    • Brief synopsis of narrative
    • Participant details form (below)

How to know when I have a strong submission?

With the use of this submission rubric you can be assured your submission captures all the amazing work you do!

Narrative and Title

  • Does the title accurately convey the topic of research using jargon-free language?
  • Is the abstract well-written, without spelling or grammatical errors?
  • Does the narrative effectively describe the link between the photograph and the field topic/research area?

Approximate Hours:
5 hours

The title accurately conveys the topic of interest or is a unique play on words that makes one intrigued to learn more. The narrative is very well written with no spelling or grammatical errors. There is a clear link between the image and area of interest, and it conveys the significance and impact of the research.

Image quality

  • Some common elements of image quality include:
    • Sharpness
    • Detail
    • Contrast
    • Texture
    • Tone
    • Coloured rendition, etc.

Approximate Hours:
5 hours

The image and specific focal point(s) is/are clearly visible and in sharp focus with intentional use of elements listed above to enhance. If blurring is used, it is intentional.


  • The composition of an image is affected by placement of relative objects and elements in the image and the balance of image elements. In photography it is affected by focal length, aperture, angle, etc.

Approximate hours:
5 hours

There is evidence of purposeful composition (e.g., rule of thirds, leading lines, symmetry and patterns, viewpoint, background, depth, framing, cropping) that enhances the impact of the image and its relation to the research theme. Overall the image captures the viewer’s attention.


  • Some creative techniques in photography include:
    • Using multiple sources of light
    • Strategically incorporating shadow or reflections
    • Longer or multiple exposures
    • Photographing through objects
    • Taking a picture from a different perspective, etc.

Approximate hours:
5 hours

The image has 2 or more unique elements, and a unique composition with an imaginative use of lighting/shadow/contrast. If photo editing is used it has been used in a manner that enhances the image, relating the image more strongly to the research topic. If people are part of your image any edits must be made in such a way that respects and maintains the dignity of participants.

*If you wish to claim hours for practicum, it is suggested that you review this opportunity with your faculty liaison or field instructor, who may also be interested in reviewing your image and narrative submission to ensure your submission meets the suggested estimate number of hours.

*The hours given in each category are a suggestion/estimate. It may take individuals more or less time to create a submission.

*Accepting both English and French submissions.

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