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TFEL Webinar: Anti-Indigenous Racism in the British Columbia Health Care System; Implications for Social Work

This webinar will discuss Anti-Indigenous Racism in the British Columbia Health Care System, and its implications for social work.  In June 2020, claims surfaced about a “Price is Right” game allegedly being played in some B.C. hospital Emergency Departments, in which health care workers were guessing blood alcohol levels of Indigenous patients. The BC Minister […]

TFEL Webinar: “What is Social Work?”

This webinar will discuss the creative process undertaken in creating the "I Work for Change" documentary, as well as discuss some of the themes that emerged from the interviews, and their implications for field education. Social work has been plagued by myths, misunderstandings and misperceptions since the profession began. Current debates in social work challenge […]

TFEL Webinar: “Field Instructorship and Supervision – A Panel Discussion”

This webinar will feature four field instructors, who will share their experiences, triumphs, and challenges of supporting social work students through field education. To enhance students understanding of field instructorship, TFEL has organized a panel discussion of practicing social workers, with experience of supervising students, to share their experiences as field instructors. Panelists, consisting of […]

TFEL Webinar: “The State of Field Education and Emerging Best Practices: A Scoping Review”

This webinar will provide an overview of the contemporary evidence-basis of field education. Moving beyond the “crisis” in field education, Professor Marion Bogo & Dr. Karen Sewell will present a scoping review of field education's contemporary evidence-base. Synthesizing the empirical literature (n = 99) provides an understanding of emerging trends and best practices that can […]

TFEL Symposium: “Ubuntu & Field Education – Celebrating World Social Work Day”

This Symposium will focus on revisioning, rethinking, and reimagining social work field education in the spirit of Ubuntu, all while celebrating World Social Work Day. This year, the 2021 World Social Day highlights Ubuntu: I am Because We Are. This is the first theme of Social Work and Social Development's 2020 to 2030 Global Agenda. […]

TFEL Webinar: A Meeting of the Minds: Mentorship and Leadership

This webinar will answer the following question: how can mentorship in social work education transform and empower field leadership in students and practitioners? Scholars and professionals have long debated a definition of leadership. Furthermore, many have urged the need to distinguish the social work leader from the corporate leader, due to the profession's focus on social […]

TFEL Webinar: “Student Voices in the Field Education Landscape”

This webinar will discuss student perspectives on current challenges in field education. This webinar will be a discussion about the findings from a series of dialogue circles in which Social Work students from across Canada came together to discuss the current challenges and ideas for changes within field education. Themes from the study will be […]

TFEL Webinar: Building Capacity from Within

This webinar will focus on building capacity from within - inspiring and developing students to become field instructors. This webinar will: describe the roles and benefits of being a field instructor; share opportunities for skill development and enhancement, including an overview of the CASWE-ACFTS Online Field Instructors Course; explore models for mentoring social work students […]

TFEL Webinar: Atlantic Canada Discoveries – Promising & Wise Practices in Field Education

Join us in exploring research themes, promising and wise practices, and challenges within Atlantic Canadian social work field education. “TFEL is leading a national study to inform the development of sustainable field education models” (TFEL, 2020). This presentation describes the results of ten interviews with field education coordinators and field instructors across Atlantic Canada, exploring […]

TFEL Webinar: Cross-National Analysis of Social Work Field Education

This webinar will discuss and compare data surrounding Canada, the U.S, and their relative states of field education. This webinar will discuss and compare data regarding Canada and the U.S and their relative states of field education. Major themes of field education will be looked at in a Canadian and American context, as well as […]

Seminar: The Importance of Community Engagement in Higher Education: Community Service Indaba

Presented by the University of Estiwani, this field education seminar will feature TFEL Project lead, Julie Drolet, as a guest speaker. The Director of the Centre for Community Services Center will host a Seminar event to facilitate a 2-hour dialogue/conversation that will bring together local and international speakers to share their experiences, community-university research and […]

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