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Our resources will contain TFEL reports and publications, digital stories, webinars, workshops,  infographics, and other content.  These will include written, video and audio content.  Our resources will also contain documents relevant to TFEL’s student training and mentorship, practice research, and social work field education. Resources can be searched using key words and/or the filter options provided.

2024/05/27Annotated Bibliography: Spiritual Pedagogy in Social Work and the Human Services Professions2024-05-27 10:58:18
2024/03/27Transforming Field Education: Voices of Field Educators in Canada2024-03-27 10:13:29
2024/03/22The State of the Social Work Field Education in Africa Webinar2024-03-22 08:41:29
2023/11/22STATE OF SOCIAL WORK FIELD EDUCATION IN AFRICA: Report of the Study Findings2023-11-22 09:49:49
2023/11/16Meet the Author Series: Ermias Kebede Goshe2023-11-16 09:30:19
2023/11/16Meet the Author Series: Dr. Natalie Beck Aguilera and C Gage2023-11-16 09:25:59
Podcast banner: Tribute to Marion Bogo2023/11/07Podcast by MSW Jarrod Ross. “Innovator, Wise, Fun: A tribute to Marion Bogo.”2023-11-07 08:54:35
2023/10/16Meet the Author Series: Karen Lok Yi Wong2023-10-16 11:47:05
Emmanual Chilanga TFEL Meet the Authors2023/10/02Meet the Author Series: Emmanuel Chilanga2023-10-02 01:18:10
2023/09/13Meet the Author Series: Margaret Janse van Rensburg and Christine Jenkins2023-09-13 18:43:18
2023/09/13Meet the Author Series: Ricardo Diego Suarez Rojas2023-09-13 18:28:18
2023/09/13Meet the Author Series: Dr. Heather M. Boynton and Emma De Vynck2023-09-13 17:53:13
2023/09/13Meet the Author Series: Dr. Wasif Alif2023-09-13 17:46:19
2023/09/13Meet the Author Series: Dr. Kaltrina Kusari2023-09-13 17:38:36
2023/07/24Roundtable: USING TECHNOLOGY IN FIELD EDUCATION2023-07-24 18:00:07
2023/06/12Student Transition to Professional Practice2023-06-12 11:57:21
2023/05/29Roundtable: EQUITY, DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION2023-05-29 15:07:10
2023/05/29Roundtable: SHARING UNIQUE PRACTICES FOR FIELD SUPERVISION2023-05-29 14:56:19
2023/05/29Roundtable: FIELD ACCREDITATION AND POLICY2023-05-29 14:49:07
2023/05/29Roundtable: MACRO-LEVEL PLACEMENTS2023-05-29 14:37:39
2023/05/11Digital Story by Jemmelia Morgan2023-05-11 10:27:28
2023/05/01Podcast: LET’S TALK SOCIAL WORK BY EVE XEFLIDE2023-05-01 17:51:58
2022/11/01Roundtable: Creating New and Innovative Field Placements2022-11-01 13:00:07
2022/11/01Report: We’re Ready! Plus Report A Practicum on Community Disaster Preparedness Workshop in Inglewood community, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada2022-11-01 12:36:36
2022/10/14Roundtable: INCORPORATING INDIGENOUS AND WISE PRACTICES2022-10-14 15:21:35
2022/09/16Research and Policy on Disaster Management by Tegan Nelson2022-09-16 11:05:38
Winkie Lau at Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary2022/09/16Experiences from a MITACS Globalink Research Intern with TFEL2022-09-16 10:57:57
2022/09/16Digital Story on We are Ready Plus Training by Liz Tettman2022-09-16 10:51:14
2022/08/29Podcast: Community Gardens by Samantha Meza-Tejada2022-08-29 18:06:44
2022/08/29Managing our Cities Towards Sustainable Cities by Benedicta Asante2022-08-29 17:06:12
2022/07/18Learning Experiences from WR!+ Training and Workshop2022-07-18 17:59:18
2022/07/14Feature: UCalgary Social Work Students Bolster Disaster Preparedness and Resilience in an Edmonton Community2022-07-14 14:28:21
2022/04/24Podcast: Spirituality in Social Work with Dr. Indrani Margolin by LJ Fischer2022-04-24 12:23:49
2022/04/20Podcast: A Holistic Approach to Transforming Field Education | A Conversation with Kathe Rogers from YouthREX by Tejika Chand2022-04-20 15:15:40
2022/04/20Podcast: Insights into Field Education at the Calgary Distress Centre by Dan Zhang2022-04-20 15:05:06
2022/03/21Webinar: Innovative, Promising, and Wise Practices: Social Work Field Education in the Prairie Region2022-03-21 10:51:19
2022/03/05Webinar: Diffusion of Innovation Theory and its Applications by Hazem Ahmed2022-03-05 11:50:53
2022/02/24Podcast: Field Experiences in a Distance World with Angela Judge-Stasiak2022-02-24 23:23:54
2022/02/07Global Income and Wealth Inequality by Vanessa Bachynsky2022-02-07 13:05:34
2022/02/07Period Poverty by Poonam Sharma2022-02-07 13:02:57
2022/02/07The Feminization of Poverty by Cindy Vera Galvan2022-02-07 13:02:54
2022/02/07Mental Health in South Asian Youth by Neelam Makhani2022-02-07 13:02:52
2022/02/07Zero Hunger by Komol Sandhu2022-02-07 13:02:49
2022/02/03Report: International Practicum Study National Report2022-02-03 23:40:34
2022/01/28The Beauty of Diversity in Social Work by Ying Yang2022-01-28 07:17:46
2022/01/18Podcast: Field Education in Health Care by Dan Zhang2022-01-18 23:30:17
2022/01/08Seeing Disaster Preparedness from Multiple Perspectives (Sociologist, Social Worker, Emergency Responder) by Martin Gendron2022-01-08 11:23:19
2022/01/06Podcast: Interview About Green Social Work with Dr. Haorui Wu by Andrea Silva Santisteban Fort2022-01-06 23:30:14
2022/01/06Webinar: Findings From Canadian Survey on International Practicum2022-01-06 16:50:08
2022/01/05A Learning Conversation with Dru Kohlman and Dr. Julie Drolet by Kaylin Epp2022-01-05 11:21:42
2021/12/03Webinar: Returning to the Resilience Zone via the Community Resiliency Model© Wellness Skills2021-12-03 16:47:33
2021/10/28Webinar: Building a Culture of Resilience: Community-based Disaster-specific Initiatives2021-10-28 11:19:12
2021/10/27Podcast: TFEL Research Experiences2021-10-27 13:02:27
2021/10/27Research Assistant Experiences by Ellen Mai and Monica Franco2021-10-27 12:59:41
2021/10/18Child and Youth Mental Health2021-10-18 14:01:22
2021/10/18The Stingray: Opening New Pathways to Healing and Growth through Alternative and Holistic Social Work Methods2021-10-18 13:25:23
2021/10/18“I didn’t know if what I was doing was helping”: A Qualitative Look at the Experiences of Social Workers during the Ethical Decision-Making Process2021-10-18 13:02:58
2021/10/06Publication: TFEL Postdoctoral Scholar Prepares Students to Strengthen Society’s Resilience to Disasters2021-10-06 13:17:31
2021/09/23Annotated Bibliography: Use of Technology and Simulation in Social Work Field Education2021-09-23 19:11:21
2021/09/23Annotated Bibliography: Teamwork and Collaboration in Social Work Field Education2021-09-23 19:08:50
2021/09/16Fact Sheet: Innovative Practices2021-09-16 10:49:06
2021/09/10Infographic: Field Research Scholars Program2021-09-10 14:28:41
2021/08/31Annotated Bibliography: Evaluation in Social Work Field Practicum2021-08-31 08:46:43
2021/08/31Annotated Bibliography: Indigenous Storytelling and Digital Storytelling in Social Work2021-08-31 08:44:52
2021/08/31Annotated Bibliography: Reflective Learning in Social Work Field Education2021-08-31 08:41:42
2021/08/30Infographic: Near-Peer Mentorship Program2021-08-30 22:00:25
2021/08/30Fact Sheet: Promising Practices2021-08-30 21:54:44
2021/08/30Fact Sheet: Wise Practices in Field Education2021-08-30 21:50:11
2021/08/30Infographic: Integrating Practice Research into Social Work Field Education2021-08-30 21:44:56
2021/08/27Fact Sheet: Innovative Practices2021-08-27 10:06:21
2021/08/18Fact Sheet: Prairie Report on Promising and Wise Practices in Field Education2021-08-18 19:45:00
2021/08/16TFEL Summer Institute: Closing Session2021-08-16 15:54:33
2021/08/10Annotated Bibliography: Official Language in Minority Context and Social Work Field Practicum2021-08-10 20:57:40
2021/08/10Annotated Bibliography: Leadership and Project Management in Social Work Field Education2021-08-10 20:49:55
2021/08/10Report: Prairie Region Report on Promising and Wise Practices in Field Education2021-08-10 20:33:43
2021/08/10Campus Life at SEU by Ying Yang2021-08-10 16:41:49
2021/08/10Report: Ontario Region Report on Promising and Wise Practices in Field Education2021-08-10 13:05:27
2021/08/10Report: Atlantic Region Report on Promising and Wise Practices in Field Education2021-08-10 13:03:33
2021/08/05Infographic: Digital Storytelling2021-08-05 12:23:38
2021/08/05Guidebook: Podcasts2021-08-05 12:19:24
2021/07/23Publication: The Social Dimensions of Sustainable Development: The Importance of Creating New Partnerships2021-07-23 19:39:47
2021/07/22Podcast: TFEL Partnered Research Experiences – Through the Eyes of a Research Assistant2021-07-22 10:41:41
2021/07/20Infographic: Field Challenges Study2021-07-20 20:39:14
2021/07/19Infographic: Impacts of COVID-19 on Social Work Field Education: Perspectives of Field Instructors in Canada2021-07-19 20:27:49
2021/07/19Annotated Bibliography: Field Instructor Recruitment and Retention in Social Work Field Education2021-07-19 19:40:54
2021/07/19Annotated Bibliography: Knowledge Exchange in Social Work Field Education2021-07-19 19:38:51
2021/07/19Annotated Bibliography: Social Work Education in the Newcomer Settlement Sector2021-07-19 19:36:53
2021/07/16Podcast: TFEL Research and Experiences Through the Eyes of a MSW Student2021-07-16 13:23:44
2021/07/15Annotated Bibliography: Interprofessional Practice and Healthcare Placements in Social Work Field Practicum2021-07-15 20:37:24
2021/07/15Annotated Bibliography: Inquiry-Based and Transformational Learning in Social Work Field Education2021-07-15 20:35:58
2021/07/15Annotated Bibliography: International Social Work Practicum2021-07-15 20:32:11
2021/07/15National Study Report 2021: Perceptions of Challenges in Social Work Field Education2021-07-15 20:14:05
2021/07/14Guidebook: Digital Storytelling2021-07-14 14:45:17
2021/07/14Water Crisis in Punjab by Dr. Wasif Ali, Shivani Samra, and Elladee Windsor2021-07-14 14:36:23
2021/07/1322nd ICSD Biennial Conference: Social Work Field Education during COVID-19: Learnings for Social Development Agenda2021-07-13 20:08:49
2021/07/12Literature Review: Research as Daily Practice2021-07-12 14:59:00
2021/07/05Annotated Bibliography: Supervision Models in Social Work Field Education2021-07-05 14:47:53
2021/07/05Annotated Bibliography: Critical Thinking in Social Work Field Education2021-07-05 14:45:15
2021/07/05Annotated Bibliography: Communication in Social Work Field Education2021-07-05 14:43:27
2021/07/05TFEL Summer Institute: Welcome to Academic Writing in Field Education2021-07-05 14:39:07
2021/07/05Podcast: Virtual Practicum Placements in Social Work2021-07-05 12:51:56
2021/06/28The Separation between Work and Home: Field Practicum Experiences by Bonnie Lewin2021-06-28 12:43:14
2021/06/22Event: Social Work and Disaster (SWAD) Network Launch2021-06-22 17:13:46
2021/06/19Publication: Integrating Practice Research into Social Work Field Education2021-06-19 23:48:41
2021/06/19Near Peer: Free Online Trainings and Certificates2021-06-19 23:39:07
2021/06/19Near-Peer: Orientation PowerPoint2021-06-19 23:33:53
2021/06/19Lack of Access to Clean Drinking Water by Sabeena Tariq2021-06-19 22:10:10
2021/06/19Podcast: Reflections on Social Work Education During the Pandemic2021-06-19 21:28:28
2021/06/16Digital Storytelling Presentation by Reena Samra2021-06-16 21:39:03
2021/06/16Bhutanese Community on The Move and Climate Change by Kamal Khatiwada2021-06-16 16:42:30
2021/06/16Rough Lives for Rough Necks by Erin Smith2021-06-16 16:41:25
2021/06/16My Journey as a Social Work Student by Emily Tetrault2021-06-16 16:40:25
2021/06/16Dealing with COVID-19 School Closure by Clarissa Foss2021-06-16 16:38:44
2021/06/16Oi Living as an Asian in COVID 19 by Cindy Nguyen2021-06-16 16:37:13
2021/06/16Annotated Bibliography: Research-Based Practicum in Social Work Field Education2021-06-16 15:49:59
2021/06/16Annotated Bibliography: Practice Research in Social Work Field Education2021-06-16 15:43:18
2021/06/16Annotated Bibliography: Indigenous and Anti-Colonialism in Social Work Field Education2021-06-16 15:41:03
2021/06/16Annotated Bibliography: The Role of Service Users in Social Work Education2021-06-16 15:37:04
2021/06/15Infographic: Canadian Social Work Student Experiences in Field Education During COVID-192021-06-15 15:58:44
2021/06/15Annotated Bibliography: Green Social Work2021-06-15 10:33:38
2021/06/15Infographic: State of Social Work Field Education (2020 National Survey Report)2021-06-15 10:21:07
2021/06/14Report: 2020 National Survey Report on State of Field Education2021-06-14 21:27:37
2021/06/14Report: Student Perspectives on Canadian Social Work Field Education2021-06-14 21:27:07
2021/06/14Annotated Bibliography: Anti-Racism2021-06-14 15:37:57
2021/06/14Infographic: TFEL Field Research Scholars Program2021-06-14 10:02:19
2021/06/03Podcast: Social Work & Disaster Network Launch2021-06-03 16:13:02
2021/06/03Webinar: Integrating Practice Research into Social Work Field Education2021-06-03 09:48:10
2021/05/14Publication: A New Partnership: Transforming the Field Education Landscape2021-05-14 21:18:14
2021/05/03Publication: A Conversation on a New Canadian Social Work Field Education and Research Collaboration Initiative2021-05-03 16:06:47
2021/04/21Webinar: Cross-National Analysis of Social Work Field Education2021-04-21 23:21:34
2021/04/15Webinar: Atlantic Canada Discoveries – Promising & Wise Practices in Field Education2021-04-15 23:20:25
2021/04/08Webinar: Building Capacity from Within2021-04-08 23:19:06
2021/03/29Webinar: Student Voices in the Field Education Landscape2021-03-29 23:17:50
2021/03/23Webinar: A Meeting of the Minds: Mentorship & Leadership2021-03-23 23:16:09
2021/03/11Webinar: The State of Field Education and Emerging Best Practices: A Scoping Review2021-03-11 23:13:30
2021/02/25Webinar: Field Instructorship and Supervision: A Panel Discussion2021-02-25 23:34:57
2021/02/16Webinar: What is Social Work2021-02-16 23:13:05
2021/02/11Webinar: Anti-Indigenous Racism in the British Columbia Health Care System2021-02-11 23:10:55
2021/01/26Webinar: Research as Daily Practice2021-01-26 23:08:32
2020/12/08Webinar: Near Peer Mentorship Program + Field Image Showcase2020-12-08 23:06:28
2020/12/08Webinar: State of Social Work Field Education in Canada2020-12-08 23:03:02
2020/11/25Webinar: The Role of Service Users in Social Work Education2020-11-25 22:27:52
2020/08/20Using My Bundle to Navigate the Waves of Grief by Andrea Rosenberger-Deleeuw2020-08-20 17:16:33
2020/08/07My Story of Remote Practicum – A Journey to Possibilities By Karen Lok Yi Wong2020-08-07 17:26:47
2020/07/15Workshop: Models for Integrating Research and Practice (Virtual Field Summit 2020)2020-07-15 22:47:42
2020/07/15Workshop: Digital Storytelling (Virtual Field Summit 2020)2020-07-15 22:41:28
2020/07/15Webinar: Practice Research Module in Field Education2020-07-15 22:23:52
2020/07/14Breakout Session: Evaluation (Virtual Field Summit 2020)2020-07-14 22:57:38
2020/07/14Breakout Session: E-Supervision (Virtual Field Summit 2020)2020-07-14 22:56:05
2020/07/14Breakout Session: Indigenous and Anticolonial Practices (Virtual Field Summit 2020)2020-07-14 22:52:50
2020/07/14Virtual Field Summit 2020: Combined Opening, Plenary and Panel Discussion Sessions2020-07-14 22:37:50
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